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About Us

About US

Our Drag Brunch is unlike any Drag Show you have seen; we promise you that! If you are new to a drag show, you will not be disappointed. Our show was created to give our audience a place to be wild and sexy in a safe environment. You will not find our show concept ANYWHERE but Nashville TN! We provide 90 minutes of comedy, drag, and competitions for the crowd- with prizes to win. We embrace those that just want to sit back and enjoy the show with minimal interaction, but we also encourage you to dance with our Dolls from start to finish. The more energy you give, the more energy you get. When you are with us, it is a judgement free zone- and we love when our audience gets wild with us! If you are looking to keep your guest of honor entertained and the party going- ditch the boring sit-down brunch and come party with us the right way! You will have plenty of Instagram worthy opportunities from start to finish to remember the special day! We also offer a little spicy male entertainment along the way! (Google ‘Music City Dolls Dueling Drag Brunch’ for our Reviews if that wasn’t convincing enough queen!)

What is a Dueling
Drag Show?

Our shows concept is a mix of a Drag Show, Dueling Piano Style interaction, and a wild Miami Brunch (well, that was my intention for it!) You will not just sit in the crowd watching our Dolls the entire time- the Dolls will Duel it out with each other, Duel for your attention, and your guest of honor will get a chance to Duel it out with others in the crowd for prizes. It is a fully interactive experience where you are IN the action. We never force anyone to participate, and our dolls are always respectful and masters of their craft. Come enjoy a once in a life time experience with us!
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