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Music City Dolls Dueling Drag Show

Our show is 90 minutes of nonstop comedy, drag, competitions, and prizes…. Oh and a little male entertainment! Our dolls will battle each other, and so will the crowd in contests throughout the show! A perfect brunch to win prizes & get memorable pictures!

? At the Rusty Nail – located 10 minutes from downtown Nashville. We love our location because how affordable the food and drinks are compared to downtown! You will get extra fun, along with an affordable pre game party!

During the spring/summer months, the Rusty Nail has an outdoor Volleyball pit and Tiki bar! Join us Sundays for our Beach Party Themed Brunch!

Our brunch show is 90 minutes & additional time for an after-show dance party and pictures with the dolls (Optional to stick around!)

The Rusty Nail DOES have an ATM. We have the singles to provide to you! It is mandatory to walk in with ATLEAST $20 in singles each to gain the full experience of the show. It is not mandatory to spend it, but the Dolls will work for it!!

Our show is 18 and up due to the language and male entertainment! Our show honestly caters to all ages! We have celebrated 60th birthday parties, divorce parties, 21st birthdays, and bachelorettes! ALL are welcomed.

Heck YEAH! We welcome dads, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends! Our best audiences have been when the men get to party with us! Our Dolls are always respectful!

For our Saturday and Sunday Brunch shows- DOORS OPEN AT 11:45am and the show starts at 12:00PM

Saturday and Sunday offer the same menu and brunch show. Select Sundays may be held at the outdoor tiki bar at the Rusty Nail.

YES, your guest of honor is guaranteed to get on stage! this is why we stress bringing enough cash for singles! We hold contests that with your party’s participation- your guest of honor can win prizes. We also have a special KEN DOLL that you can bid in an auction to get your guest of honor an extra spicy hot seat dance!

We have a small portion of the show that our KEN DOLL performs for the crowd, to make things a little extra spicy! You are never forced to participate! This is just to add a little extra fun, majority of the show is drag and contests.

We recommend booking as SOON as possible. Our show books up fast and you won’t want to miss us!

Brunch and drinks are sold separately! The Rusty Nail created a special brunch menu for our show, and they have FULL bar! The price is for the full 90-minute interactive show.

1. SHOW time starts at 1:00PM! So, please arrive by 12:30 the latest! We want to have you seated and with a drink before the show begins! This is VERY Important!

2. There is a 1 drink minimum requirement, please support the bar!

3. There is a required $20.00 exchange for singles at the door! Our show is extremely interactive, including contests! It is a must to have plenty of singles on you to gain the full experience of the show- leave your shyness at the door!

4. During the “Battle Rounds” to determine which team will take the crown- we offer a VENMO option! You will choose the amount you want to Venmo and either write #GOLDTEAM or #PINKTEAM to determine which team is the winner!

• So, if you need to download Venmo before the show this is a heads up! (You do not NEED to do this, just another tipping option to participate in the Battle Rounds).

5. MOST IMPORTANT, we do not sensor our show! The Dolls are talented, funny, competitive, and will encourage you to dance, sing, and party along with them. Although, they are always respectful and are masters of their craft. The more energy you bring- the better performances you will get!! Come ready to participate!

6. This is a judgement free zone & we take pride in empowering everyone and anyone.

7. Due to the nature of the show, we are unable to provide refunds unless the show is cancelled by us.

8. Seating is first come first serve!