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Private parties

Private parties

Our Dolls bring you some of the funniest, energetic, and dueling banter around! Book them for your next event, and watch the energy of your guests transform! You want a night to remember? Our Dolls know just how to ensure that!

One Doll with Comedy & Entertainment

This option offers you a chance to book one of our dolls for your next event! Add some fun and playfulness to your party!
Three hours for $250.00

*$75 tip minimum per entertainer (Charged Ahead)

Our Doll
Our Dolls

Two Dolls with Comedy & Entertainment

This option will bring you comedy, fun and playful banter, not only with your guests but between the Dolls. They will keep your guests laughing, sipping, and if you need help getting guests to dance – look no further!
Three Hours for $375.00
*$75 tip minimum per entertainer (Charged Ahead)

Four Dolls with Comedy & Entertainment

This option differs slightly from the Two Doll option. This option gives you a similar experience to our show. Four dolls attend and are split up into two teams. They have competitive banter throughout the party while engaging guests and including them in the fun. If you have an energetic crowd, that likes to have fun and DANCE. This could be the option for you. Our dolls will get your guests up and dancing for prizes & bragging rights!
Three Hours for $650.00
*$75 tip minimum per entertainer (Charged Ahead)
-Cash tips can be given at the event which entertainers keep.

Our Dolls

Drag it Up & Dance Downtown!
2 Hours - 2 Dolls plus gift for guest of honor.

On the Town Experience- Create your alter ego & channel your inner queen! BYOW (Bring Your Own WIG)

Introducing “Drag it up and Dance Downtown” – the ultimate experience for those ready to unleash their wild side! This one-of-a-kind package includes wild makeup, dazzling gemstones, and two electrifying hours of dancing downtown with a Doll as your guide.

Get ready to transform into your drag alter ego with the help of our expert Doll. But the fun doesn’t stop there – once you’re fully glammed up, it’s time to hit the dance floor! With our Doll by your side, you’ll be strutting through downtown like a true star. Let loose, embrace your newfound persona, and dance the night away in style.

And that’s not all – as part of this package, our Doll will give you a drag name for the night, adding an extra touch of excitement to your transformation. So get ready to embrace your inner diva and conquer the city with “Drag it up and Dance Downtown.”

Package – $500 per group to Book
$20PP tip for the Doll Up Portion!


Lets face it, throwing a party is a lot of work & sometimes your guests need an extra push to dance, get wild, and laugh! When we say on demand, we mean it! Let our Dolls hype up the party or escort you to a night on the town.

Holiday Parties
House & Pool Parties
Corporate events
Themed events

2 Hours – this is the ultimate experience of our full show coming to you! Whether it’s your home or a venue. Includes: DJ, Three Dolls, Competitions and Prizes for your guests. This will be a Full Show that will entertain your guests for a complete 2 hours. We bring our wild brunch show experience to you!
$1,500 per event.